Mobile applications
For Android y iOS

We develop applications for both IOS and ANDROID, based on the particular needs and goals of our customers in order to use the right implementation strategies.

The customer service, the user experience oriented design and the interal processes optimization define our solutions for companies. We keep the responsability of uploading and publishing the apps on the App Store and Play Store

If you need it, we can design an online marketing strategy (ASO) in order to optimize it and reach the biggest amount of potential users.

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Multiplatform: Android and iOS

We develop for both Android and iOS. We go ahead with your project starting with the idea until the applications are published on the Google and Apple stores.


Push Notifications

They provide a wide range of options allowing to increase the user participation and interaction.


Customer Oriented

We adapt to your business needs and its processes. This way the technology can serve you, instead of you serving the technology.


Continious update

Every content displayed in our apps is designed to be regulary updated. This will avoid your app to become obsolete and loss its value.


Frequent asked questions

Contact us by phone or sending an email.

After that we can reach together an idea and its solution. We will tell you how many development time will be needed and then we will get to work until you have your own app on the official stores.

All our products will be available for both Android and iOS operating systems.

The cost will be the same whether you want one platform or both. We always suggest our clients to offer both platforms, in order to reach 98% of the mobile devices market.

You will be able to do so from the official stores of Android and iOS. This means, from Play Store and App Store.

We take the resposability of uploading and publishing them.

The development time will depend on the product you need.

In case you need one of our already developed special products, the price and development time will be lower. Do you know our special products? Click here to read more. Haz click aqui para ver más.