What is Axter House?

Axter House is an application for Real Estate that allows, through Augmented Reality technology, to project houses on the client's land in totally real measures, offering the possibility of walking inside it as if the house really existed.

The technology provides a 1:1 scale, that is to say that your clients will be able to see their future home in the real space and analyze the spaces it is going to occupy, see if the windows have the lighting they imagine and they will even be able to analyze the space that is going to be free to build other rooms or their swimming pool.

Next, we show you a demo so that you understand all the possibilities that Axter's technology will offer you:

Axter Houses

See the world in a different way

Our challenge

Axter House provides a highly realistic visualization of the property, in which your client can place a life-size house on their land, rotate, move, enter, and view each room as if it were in reality.

This allows you to appreciate their dimensions, modify colors, wall cladding and even position furniture pre-creating the experience in your future home. The application allows to add the models of housing that your company offers, achieving that the client chooses which one adapts more to his preferences, comparing the different models on his own land.

Developed by experts

Axter's team contains videogame graduates and specialized engineers, which guarantees you a unique experience for your customers, allowing them to be part of a revolution in the market while generating exclusive trust for your company.

We specialize in the fact that companies can have their own augmented reality App in Android and iOS, with a totally ad hoc branding and with all the augmented reality solutions offered by Axter.


ARKit Support

Our applications are fully compatible with Apple technology, allowing it to be used on most cell phones that have an iOS operating system


We prioritize your company's brand identity

Our solutions are developed by focusing on the identity of your brand, achieving that the innovation in which you invested supports your company even more.


ARCore Support

Our applications are fully compatible with Google's Augmented Reality technology, allowing you to reach the majority of cell phones that have an Android operating system.


Official Stores Presence

Customers will be able to download your company's Augmented Reality application directly from the Play Store and App Store.

Augmented Reality

Possibilities y



Move and rotate the house

Axter Houses offers the possibility to move and rotate the house in the entire land, offering the possibility of being able to analyze if it is convenient to put it to the bottom of it, to a side or ahead.
With this functionality, the client is also going to be able to project the doors and windows to analyze the light and the views that it is going to have from the rooms.


Furnish the house

Axter Houses offers the possibility of showing the house with and without furniture, as well as being able to choose between different sets of furniture in case of changing the styles of the house.
Also, when putting furniture, we can add other elements in the house such as a car or advertising the company in pictures, walls or televisions for example.


Colour of room walls

Axter Houses offers the possibility of changing both the colors of each room inside the house, as well as the tone of each color.
Offers as a result of this change, the color in hexadecimal code so that the customer can go to the paint shop and ask for paint of the specific color he saw in the application.


Colour of external walls

It offers the possibility of being able to change the coatings of the external walls, in order to be able to observe the house before being painted, or later with exposed bricks or a particular color of paint.
This opens the possibilities of the client to be able to see his house finished as always imagined.



The application is able to change different types and colors of ceilings, being able to adapt to the architecture of each place.
For example you can put roof, sheet metal roof of different colors, and any other alternative you want.


Galleries and extras

The application can be adapted to the needs of your products, such as putting galleries on the sides or add other features such as swimming pools, accessories or anything you need to show.


About us

Our team of experts is prepared to solve sophisticated problems with creative strategies and large-scale engineering, we have engineers prepared to advise you in English, German and Spanish providing solutions and exceptional digital content to each of our clients.

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Thanks to the application your clients will carry your company in their pockets while they demonstrate innovation to surprise their friends.


Increase commercial revenues, adding value to your products and services. Create trust in your brand with first line innovation.


Learn about user behavior and optimize the performance of your upcoming campaigns


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  • Aumente sus clientes potenciales
  • Posicione a su empresa en los estándares más altos de innovación del mercado.
  • Obtenga datos de sus clientes potenciales, preferencias, ubicación, mail y teléfonos
  • Cuente con un nuevo canal de comunicación directa con sus clientes potenciales gracias a nuestro sistema de notificaciones móviles
  • Tenga acceso a informes estadísticos sobre el comportamiento de los usuarios
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Our Mission

Axter aims to digitally transform society through large companies, creating disruptive products and innovative services by implementing the latest trends in: AR, VR and MR.

we create and implement, together with our clients, effective, innovative, segmented, entertaining and optimized actions, easily integrated in a traditional campaign, making the consumer live an unforgettable experience with the brand.